Cross corner

Cross corner 4-Loop

Bags with cross-corner loop bags are produced with the lifting loops sewn on adjacent corners; the production techniques used ensure that the lifting loops stand upright. After the filling process has been completed, the fact that the loops stand up independently reduces bag handling times by the forklift as the operator does not need any extra help to keep the loops open. 

Another important aspect is that this type of bag is circular woven. As a result, the bags are lower in weight and require less raw material input in construction, reducing costs on a number of levels.  



In short:


•  With or without coating 
•  UV stabilized
•  Different types of fabric weight / colours
•  Coextruded LDPE/ LLDPE Liner (30 tot 120 micron)
•  Safety Working Load (500-2000 kg)
•  Safety Factor (5:1 - 6:1 - 8:1)
•  UN Certified 
•  Food Grade (AIB, BRC, ISO 22000)
•  100% recyclable 

The Big Bags can be delivered in the following types:



  Top open       Top skirt     Filling spout


    Flat bottom        Discharge spout