Flexible packaging with a lifting point, which is usually manufactured including an inner polyethylene bag. These Big Bags with one loop are specific for packaging powder or grain raw materials, such as fertilizers, cement, etc. The 1-loop big bag can be filled and it has a loop handle, which makes it easy to carry more than one at a time. This product is custom-made according to the needs required by the client.

big bag 1 asa

The most common design is made of polypropylene fabric with an open loading mouth and inserted polyethylene inner bag, although they can also be manufactured with laminated fabric without including the inner bag. Depending on the application given to the container, the bottom can be square-, star-shaped or sewn. Discharge spouts can also be added (only to the square bottom option).

Big-bags with 1 and 2 Loops are produced with a tubular fabric body to obtain greater resistance. The lifting points are wrapped with sleeves that can be manufactured in different colors to identify the product more easily. Colored handles can also make the lifting point highly visible to the operator carrying it, making it easier to handle the FIBC with a hook or forklift claws.


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big bag 1 asa
big bag 1 asa