This type of big bag is also manufactured with four handles or lifting points, but unlike the common big bag, the fabric contains a series of ventilation lines that make this container the perfect packaging for carrying fresh products and guaranteeing their quality and preservation thanks to the ventilated parts of the big bag. It is breathable and very resistant, which ensures air circulation on all sides and ideal ventilation for carrying and protecting horticultural products.

Big Bag 4 asas ventilado

Ventilated Big-Bags are produced with polypropylene fabric that is manufactured by creating a series of open longitudinal lines with the intention of promoting the preservation of products that require greater aeration during packaging. This fabric is designed for allowing air flow inside the Big Bag, which is necessary for the packaging of certain products. A flap is often used to cover the top opening and a discharge spout is used to discharge the contents easily. Producers of almonds and different vegetables or tubers are some of the most common examples that need ventilated Big-Bags as they allow better permeability.


• They extend the useful life of stored products (when ventilation is recommended).

• Allows air to reach the product inside the container.

• Prevents rotting, fermentation and decomposition of products due to lack of ventilation.

• Recommended for: almonds, hazelnuts, potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, firewood and wood, among others.


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big bag 4 asas ventilada
Big Bag 4 asas ventilado