They are made of polypropylene fabric and with four handles or lifting points; it is a custom-made product with different options, they can be made of unplasticized or plasticized fabric, with anti-leak seams, printed on either side, etc. The options are multiple and depend on the requirements of each client. This type of packaging is ideal for the storage and transportation of bulk product.

It should be noted that our production plants are capable of manufacturing under BRC standards, adapting the packaging to the most demanding quality requirements.

big bag 4 asas

This big bag model is one of the most effective and ideal types of packaging for shipping and storing dry products in bulk.

They are usually produced with circular-knitted polypropylene fabric that can be laminated or unlaminated, depending on the requirements of the product to be packaged and the weight resistance can vary depending on the load (SWL) or safety requirements (SF).

This type of big bag can be simple, with an open top with a flat base commonly used in the construction industry or as a high-tech unit produced in a clean room production environment to be used in the food/ pharmaceutical industries, but even more importantly, each FIBC is manufactured to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Thanks to our production facilities in India and Romania, and a limited number of exclusive partnerships in Asia, we can offer excellent value for money for all FIBC specifications.

The Big-bag with 4 handles is used for many purposes in the agricultural-livestock sector, in mining, in the chemical industry, in the food industry, etc., it is a custom-made product.


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big bag 4 asas
big bag 4 asas