Raffia bags are a versatile container made of polypropylene fabric, with multiple design options. Our production department can adapt this packaging to the needs of each client, always depending on the requirements of the product being packaged and packaging facilities. Raffia bags are ideal for packaging different types of products such as fodder, rice, sugar, seeds, fertilizer, chemicals, etc.

Sacos de Rafia

We have been specializing in supplying our clients with 25-50 kg bags for years. We supply the bags of our extensive stock catalog from our facilities in Spain. The printing capacity is flexible and the packaging adjusts to each packaging line. Raffia bags can be used in a large number of industries.

Resistant and economical, polypropylene (PP) raffia bags combine great resistance and great value for money. This makes them suitable for a wide range of uses and products such as fodder, rice, grain, seeds, firewood, etc.

If we do not have stock with the exact specifications you need, we will manufacture a solution tailored to your needs. In such cases, our production department will find the solution that best suits your needs in terms of quality and delivery time.

The fabric can be made of standard or laminated (plasticized) polypropylene; the laminated raffia consists of a polyethylene film adhered to the fabric that provides it with impermeability, watertightness and greater resistance.


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sacos de rafia
Sacos de Rafia