It is a packaging that acts as an internal cover for a cargo container and is used for bulk goods. It is available for both 20” and 40” containers and can be adapted to the customer’s needs, including the loading and exit openings. Container Liners are supplied with everything necessary for installation: carabiners, ropes and steel bars. This type of packaging maximizes container use by allowing the transportation of return cargoes of different nature.

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The container liner is a woven polypropylene cover which is manufactured to be adapted to the container where it is to be attached. It can be laminated to protect the cargo from external agents. It can also be configured with multiple loading openings and discharge spouts. Each container liner is made taking into account the fastest way to install it, protecting the load and optimizing the filling and emptying speed.


• A container liner has many benefits: it is easier and faster to transport, load and unload a container of products stored in bulk with this packaging format.

• On-site installation is quick and easy to assemble

• They provide a variety of benefits and cost-effective savings for shipping bulk raw materials, chemicals and food products in grain, granule or powder form

• It allows cargo to reach its destination with minimal handling.

• They are made of virgin polypropylene, which allows chemicals or food products to be transported safely in a closed container.

• They prevent product contamination.

• They minimize spills and waste.

• They avoid unnecessary cleaning costs.

• They maximize container use by allowing the transportation of return cargoes of different nature (a bulk container can be sent abroad).


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Container liner INTERJUTE
Container liner INTERJUTE