Geotextile is a black polypropylene mesh that is placed on the floor of buildings and helps to establish the reinforcement of the floors. It also helps control erosion, filtration and separation between layers of materials in addition to providing a drainage and a protection layer for the geomembranes.


Geotextile helps maintain the mechanical and hydraulic properties of the materials it separates, helping to protect the waterproofing sheets from the pressures and tensions caused by edges and sharp objects on the support. It shortens the duration of the work and its cost.


  • It prevents aggression or adhesions between two different materials.
  • High resistance to punching and perforation.
  • Great resistance to chemical and biological elements existing in the soil
  • It is easy to install and it adapts to all types of supports, without the need for overly complex equipment or especially qualified personnel.


  • It is useful for reinforcing and stabilizing surfaces in the construction of roads and highways as well as temporary roads.
  • It strengthens the surface to increase stability in embankments, slopes, green walls, etc.
  • It protects dikes, breakwaters and jetties.
  • It allows a better drainage system as well as water conduction.


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