Advantages of Mesh Groundcover

Malla Antihierba

Surely, when setting up a greenhouse or an agricultural plantation, you have come across the problem of grasses and plant vegetation. These weeds invade quite quickly all those places that we want to keep clean, making it necessary to work twice as hard to keep them in good condition. However, this is why mesh groundcover nets were created to combat this proliferation of plants that are alien to the crop.

In this article we will help you understand: what is, uses, types and advantages of grass control nets.

What is a Mesh Groundcover?

A Mesh Groundcover, also known as geotextile or grass control fabric, is a fabric designed to prevent weed growth and is generally made of plastic polymers such as polypropylene, polyethylene or other synthetic materials.

Thanks to its design, the mesh groundcover allows water and the corresponding nutrients to reach the roots, preventing the roots from drowning and allowing the plants to grow strongly.

What are the Mesh Groundcover used for?

Mesh Groundcover has the function of covering the soil in a greenhouse or agricultural facility to prevent the growth of grasses and plants, thus helping to keep the area cleaner. In addition, it prevents the growth of pests and decreases the birth or proliferation of soil borne diseases, thus helping to prevent environmental impact.

10 advantages of using a Mesh Groundcover.

  1. Grass control. Mesh Groundcover prevents the growth of foreign plants by blocking sunlight, preventing seeds from germinating and grass from growing.
  2. Water Conservation. The mesh acts as a barrier to help retain soil moisture, reducing the need for continuous irrigation.
  3. Reduced Maintenance Needs. By eliminating weed growth, the need for weeding is reduced, saving time and effort.
  4. Improved drainage. Allows rainwater and irrigation to pass through, preventing the accumulation of excess water, promoting proper drainage.
  5. Increased sowing efficiency. Mesh Groundcover facilitates sowing and proper crop spacing.
  6. Durability. Mesh Groundcover are durable and resistant, providing long-term protection.
  7. Pest control. By reducing the presence of foreign plants, the spread of pests and diseases is minimised, which can help keep plants healthier.
  8. Improved crop quality. By avoiding competition from weeds, crop plants grow healthier, which increases their quality.
  9. Soil Protection. Mesh groundcover protects the topsoil, preventing erosion and maintaining soil structure.
  10. Versatility. Available in different materials, sizes and designs, mesh groundcover is versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications.

By now it is clearer to you what Mesh Groundcover is, and how it can help you increase the productivity and efficiency of your greenhouse or agricultural production.

Therefore, if you have an extensive production, it is the perfect option to increase its useful life, and prevent weeds from damaging your crop.

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