Advantages of using Woven Bags

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The Woven bags are a product that we can see frequently in our day to day, it is even possible that you have it in your home and you have not noticed it, or when we make the purchase it is possible that you have seen it.

That these bags are available to us is because they are used in different sectors such as the food industry, both animal and human, agriculture, chemical, or rather all those products that we can find in bulk…

These bags are called Woven bags because they are made of the same material that gives them their name.

What is a Woven Bag?

Woven bags are bags made primarily of a material known as raffia. Raffia is a type of durable fabric made of synthetic fibres (polypropylene).

These bags are strong and versatile, which is why they are used in various sectors. Common examples of the use of woven bags include the packaging and transportation of agricultural products, bulk products such as grain, flour or sand, as well as foodstuffs or chemicals.

Woven bags are also used to store and transport consumer goods such as animal feed, chemicals and textiles.

These bags are popular because of their strength, durability and ability to protect the products inside from moisture and other environmental factors.

What are the advantages of using Interjute Woven Bags?

Highly Resistant.

Woven bags are made of polypropylene and are therefore highly resistant to high loads, which translates into a very long service life, given the right use.

Their design and development make them one of the ideal packaging solutions to withstand different environmental factors.


As mentioned above, they have a high durability, therefore, they can be used several times, so making use of these bags can mean achieving profitability in the short or even long term.


These bags have the ability to protect the products inside from factors such as humidity or other environmental conditions, as well as keeping the products completely away from any kind of contamination.


At Interjute we personalise the woven bags with the brand of our clients.

The customisation of the bag can range from a blank bag with logo printing to a fully customised bag including corporate colours and images.


The properties with which we manufacture the raffia bags make them very flexible, making it possible to use part or all of the space inside the bag.

In addition, when the bag has been used and is completely empty, it can be stored anywhere, as it can be folded and stored in any place.


They are recyclable and can be reused, making them one of the most sustainable options.


What material are Woven Bags made of?

Woven Bags are made of synthetic polypropylene fibres.

What are the main characteristics of Woven Bags?

The main characteristics include their resistance to environmental conditions, capacity for long transports, customisation, durability, protection against damage and contamination of the products inside, as well as the capacity to support considerable weight loads.

What are the advantages of using Interjute bags?

High resistance, economic, impermeability, personalisation, adaptability and recyclability.

You already know the advantages of using Woven Bags for different products, being the best option for bulk products.

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