Interjute adds the Fusion Bag to its catalog

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At Interjute we have incorporated the innovative Fusion bag, the first seamless and linerless big bag, based on a revolutionary technology that solves the problems associated with conventional sewn big bags, as there are no sewing holes, no sieves, no leaks and no product contamination.

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In addition, thanks to the patented coating recipe developed exclusively for Fusion bag, this type of packaging does not require a liner to protect the product from humidity and allows for faster and easier filling and unloading operations.

Fusion bags have a standard size that provides certain advantages. The fact is that the wide customization in the size of the bag has caused many problems in the industry; among them, the blockage of space and material for both the end user, as well as for the trade and the manufacturer, having to carry a massive inventory.

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However, by creating a unique shape, centered on a single tube size and layout type, more efficient production can be achieved, and therefore cost savings for everyone in the value chain, with the additional advantages of having standard pallet sizes, material handling containers and optimal utilization of container space.

After extensive industry research, Fusion has come up with an ideal bag design with height flexibility to move away from the expensive custom sewn bag, creating a standard computer machine-made bag. Automated production ensures consistent quality, reliable delivery times, free storage space, no human dependence and, ultimately, increased benefits for all stakeholders.

Fusion Bag. 100% recyclable and food safe.

Fusion bags are made of raffia-grade polypropylene, like conventional big bags, and are fully lined. The coating is located on the outside of the loading tube and the big bag body, as well as on the inside of the top and bottom parts. It should be noted that as they are made exclusively of polypropylene, as they do not have the polyethylene lining of conventional sewn bags, Fusion bags are 100% recyclable and safe for direct contact with food.

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Unlike traditional sewn bags, which only one per batch is subjected to safety load testing, all Fusion bags undergo a non-destructive load test prior to shipment. Normal destructive testing is also performed based on batch size.

Other characteristics of this type of packaging is the possibility of incorporating a document holder in different places in the body of the bag and of printing on two opposite sides, having to adapt the coverage area to the space available in the bag.

In short, we can say that the excellent qualities of the Fusion bag make it one of the best packaging options available today.